Recycled Plastic

By creating audit schemes for recycling processes and use of recyclates, RecyClass built a centralized hub for certifying recycled plastic.

Increasing legislative requirements and industry commitments call for harmonised and verifiable processing practices, traceability of waste, as well as the transparent uptake of recyclates in new, high-end applications. The monitoring of targets set at the EU level will require transparent reporting.

For instance, the Spanish Plastics Tax requires the certification of recycled plastics according to UNE EN 15343:2008, issued by an accredited Certification Body for ISO 17065.

RecyClass Certifications can be used as proof of audit since they are aligned with EN 15343:2007, equivalent to UNE EN 15343:2008 as described here.

The Recycling Process and Recycled Plastics Traceability Certifications are recognised audit schemes for the monitoring of Circular Plastics Alliance targets.

Via the RecyClass Certification Schemes, companies can conform with these requirements & stay ahead of the circular economy transition for plastics.