Recyclability Certificates

The overview of issued certificates and letters of compatibility can be found below, classified according to the type of assessment.

Please contact us if you like to include your certification on the lists. 

List of certificates

Certificate CodeCompanyProduct Identification namePackaging formatMain polymerType of assessmentRecyclability classExpiration date
397-uni-cpUnilever Ltd.Unimax GO PBL with PP capTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC03/07/2027
396-uni-cpUnilever Ltd.Unimax Met. PBL with PP capTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC03/07/2027
395-uni-cpUnilever Ltd.Unimax GO MET PBLTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC03/07/2027
394-uni-cpUnilever Ltd.Unimax GO MET PBL with PE capTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB03/07/2027
015-zzi-rmZhejiang Z&Z Industrial Co., LTD.LM311 pump with lotion bottleBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB27/06/2027
411-ESS-CPEssityTork Basic Paper Cfeed M1 (120123)FilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB30/06/2027
413-ESS-CPEssityTork Xpress Soft Multifold HT Adv 2p Z - 130289FilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB23/06/2027
412-ESS-CPEssityTork Basic Paper Cfeed M1 1 ply - 14001FilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB23/06/2027
404-OTX-CPOntex BVAspla 51% cPCR - with handleFilmPE flexibleRecyclability RateC18/06/2027
403-OTX-CPOntex BVAspla 51% cPCR - without handleFilmPE flexibleRecyclability RateC18/06/2027
214-han-cp_e01Alpla-Hana Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.AHD-200-U on PET BottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA11/07/2027
399-PRG-CPProcter & GambleAussie Shampoo bottle - MCOP-00076957BottlePE rigidRecyclability RateC02/06/2027
008-hez-lgHeinzICON Tomato Ketchup 1000mlBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA21/05/2027
007-hez-lgHeinzTD800 TK with Balaton capBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA21/05/2027
006-hez-lgHeinzTD500 Mayo BottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA21/05/2027
391-brl-cpBerlin Packaging UK Ltd28/410 Lock Up Mono Material Lotion DispenserBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA16/05/2027
375-epl-cpEPL GlobalEtain 4.0TubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA16/05/2027
349-col-cpColgate PalmoliveColgate Sensation White (27%mol)TubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB16/05/2027
348-col-cpColgate PalmoliveColgate MaxFreshTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB07/05/2027
357-LOC-CP_r01L'OccitaneErborian Tube CC Crème ClairTubePE rigidDesign for RecyclingC13/03/2030
389-apt-cpAptarFuture Airless PETBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA23/04/2027
018-ctp-amCTLpack Vitoria-Gasteiz, S.A.U.TUBE FORMAT A (OF300046175)TubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA23/04/2027
010-upm-rmUPM Raflatac Sp. z o.oHDPE bottle labeled with paper label JQR/RWPE/FUXBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB18/04/2027
009-upm-rmUPM Raflatac Sp. z o.oPP bottle labeled with paper label JQR/RWPE/FUXBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB18/04/2027
014-zzi-rmZhejiang Z&Z Industrial Co., LTD.LM311 series - all polyolefin lotion pump & bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC14/04/2027
007-glp-mtGUANGZHOU LIGAO PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTDGF series (GF1.0) all polyolefin foam pump (with PP bottle)BottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB10/04/2027
008-glp-mtGUANGZHOU LIGAO PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTDGF series (GF1.0) all polyolefin foam pump (with PET bottle)BottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA10/04/2027
002-tra-dqThrace Pack S.A.TRM061CupPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA10/04/2027
001-tra-dqThrace Pack S.A.TBM101CupPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA10/04/2027
005-eil-mt_e01GUANGZHOU SUNGOING PLASTIC CO., LTD Terra mono material (all PE) airless bottle D35 (50ml)BottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA03/11/2027
339-vff-cpVizelpas Flexible Films S.A.(Product name to come) - Film LDPE EVOH LDPEFilmPE flexibleLetter of CompatibilityB08/04/2027
017-ten-amTENKA BEST SLU.Efi Protect E-KapsPouchPE flexibleLetter of CompatibilityB04/04/2027
374-AND-CPAndechser Molkerei Scheitz GmbHAN 500g Natur 3,8%CupPP rigidRecyclability RateC20/03/2027
388-alb-cpAlbéa(Re)FlexTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA13/03/2027
008-tia-rmTianzhou Medical (Suzhou) Co., LtdGONG Series + PET bottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA07/03/2027
309-PRG-CPProcter & GambleFairy Max Power - 370ml - 91966945BottlePETRecyclability RateB12/02/2027
364-huh-cpHuhtamaki Flexible Packagingblueloop® tube REVCOTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB11/02/2027
337-yon-cpYONWOO CO⌀30 Airless Pump Mono MildTubePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB11/02/2027
338-yon-cpYONWOO CO⌀30 Eco Shut Off tubeTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA11/02/2027
030-huh-cp_r01Huhtamaki Flexible PackagingTL PBL 400/2-7 FTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA02/03/2027
028-huh-cp_r01Huhtamaki Flexible PackagingTL PBL 300/2-7TubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB02/03/2027
356-afa-cpAFA DispensingOpUs sprayer + PET bottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA15/01/2027
370-afa-cpAFA DispensingOpUs sprayer + PP bottleBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB15/01/2027
355-afa-cpAFA DispensingOpUs sprayer + HPDE bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC07/01/2027
336-AZU-CPAzuraLid for a bucket cardboardTrayPETDesign for RecyclingA06/12/2026
344-ESS-CP_e01EssityTENA Silh Noir Mini Pad 10x18p B3/B8FilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingC11/04/2026
004-PRG-CP_r01Procter & GambleMr. Propre Cleaning spray 500ml - 80765957 (Mr Propre/Viakal/Flash/Fairy Spray)BottlePE rigidRecyclability RateC22/11/2026
350-opt-cp_e01Optipack GmbHPP cup with cardboard sleeve (Desto cup - F592)CupPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA11/07/2027
005-loe-rmLOTTE Chemical CorporationCosmetic Bottle half-round PET clearBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA13/11/2026
044-KLP-PLKlöckner Pentaplast GmbHkpEnhanceTM RM1 & PushTab Blister LidOther rigidPETDesign for RecyclingA15/10/2026
043-klp-plKlöckner Pentaplast GmbHkpEnhanceTM RM1Other rigidPETLetter of CompatibilityA15/10/2026
002-clc-ipCLC/Zhongshan LuenCheong Dispensing Pump LtdCLC Full Plastic Pump N25BottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA24/09/2026
002-PTC-NRPrepack Thailand Company LimitedR1-PE Mono-Layer PouchPouchPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingA03/09/2026
340-gre-cpGreiner PackagingPP cup with cardboard sleeve 01-095-500-33 V99CupPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA29/08/2026
334-neo-cpNeopacPolyfoil MMB PF545/645TubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA23/08/2026
015-neo-cp_r01NeopacPolyfoil Barrier Tube 525-623TubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA21/02/2027
297-huh-cp_e01Huhtamaki Flexible Packagingblueloop tube ONE silver 220 micrTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB11/07/2027
296-huh-cpHuhtamaki Flexible Packagingblueloop tube ONE White 220 micrTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB19/07/2026
331-PRG-CP_e01Procter & GambleAriel liquid detergent - PhoenixBottlePE rigidRecyclability RateB11/07/2027
322-apt-cpAptarFuture Disc Top combined with PET bottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA11/07/2026
324-apt-cpAptarFuture Disc Top combined with PE bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA11/07/2026
001-spi-rmSkypack India Pvt LtdSkypack HDPE 35 mm TubeTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA10/07/2026
332-apg-cpAPG PackagingInfinity trigger sprayer - PE bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB05/07/2026
328-ESS-CP_e03EssityTEMPO Base 10/30x10 Q4/22 - Outer filmFilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB06/06/2026
283-epl-cp_r01EPL GlobalEPL tube Platina Vision 300TubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB31/10/2028
327-ESS-CP_e03EssityTEMPO Base 10/30x10 Q4/22 - inner filmFilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB06/05/2026
321-apg-cpAPG PackagingInfinity Lotion PumpBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityB28/06/2026
333-apg-cpAPG PackagingInfinity trigger sprayer - PET bottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA28/06/2026
301-HUH-CPHuhtamaki Flexible PackagingGarnier colour naturals (Hair colourant)PouchPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingC04/06/2026
302-HUH-CPHuhtamaki Flexible Packaging Garnier - Garnier colour naturals (Developer)PouchPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingC04/06/2026
317-pcc-cpPACCOR Packaging GmbHPP cup Pot 944 of PACCOR DuoSmart rangeCupPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA04/06/2026
313-ESS-CPEssityTENA Men Pants Plus S/M FilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingC31/05/2026
325-con-cpConstantia FlexiblesEcoLamFormTrayPE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA31/05/2026
311-gua-cpGualadispensingTrigger sprayer TS3 Atom Z (PE based) connected to a HDPE-bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB16/05/2026
002-zwp-mtZhongshan Weiyuan Packaging LtdAP series (AP20) mono-material pumpOther rigidPE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA25/04/2026
003-zwp-mtZhongshan Weiyuan Packaging LtdAP series (AP20) mono-material pumpOther rigidPETLetter of CompatibilityA25/04/2026
312-HSS-CPHengelo Salt Specialties B.V.Jozo – 300g Other rigidPP rigidRecyclability RateB17/04/2026
011-ber-ipBerry Global - Promens SA1L AGROCHEM BOTTLE EVOHBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB27/03/2026
307-gua-cpGualadispensingTrigger sprayer TS5 connected to a HDPE-bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC15/03/2026
298-REB-CPReckitt BenckiserHarpic Toilet Bowl Cleaner - HDPE bottle 30µm PET-C sleeveBottlePE rigidDesign for RecyclingC15/03/2026
299-REB-CPReckitt BenckiserHarpic Toilet Bowl Cleaner - HDPE bottle 30µm PET-G sleeveBottlePE rigidDesign for RecyclingC15/03/2026
012-skp-ipSK Functional PolymersFilm PE/tie/EVOH/tie/PE containing Orevac 18341Other flexiblePE flexibleLetter of CompatibilityB26/02/2026
295-FRI-CP_e01Friesland CampinaDbc BTr Cake 4x2,5kg Bar Box EW - 900073FilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB11/07/2027
012-CRM-AMCristóbal Meseguer S.A.M-Pack MiniOther flexiblePE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB23/01/2026
293-ber-cpBerry GlobalWave 2 on PET-bottle-Atmospheric pumpBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityB08/12/2025
294-ber-cpBerry GlobalWave 2 on HDPE-bottles-Atmospheric pumpBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC08/12/2025
284-gup-cpGualapackInnowebMONO 290 metTubePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB30/11/2025
280-amc-cpAmcorAquafresh & Sensodyne PE Tube without capTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB07/11/2025
279-WEL-CPWeledaWeleda Aroma Shower ComfortTubePE rigidDesign for RecyclingB02/11/2025
274-unv-cpUniverUniver 09BottlePETLetter of CompatibilityB01/11/2025
275-unv-cpUniverUniver 10BottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA01/11/2025
270-pac-cpPacksys GlobalPE tube equipped with a PE-based IMLTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA09/10/2025
040-KPP-PLKlöckner Pentaplast GmbHkpNextTM R1 & PushTab Blister LidOther rigidPETDesign for RecyclingA02/10/2025
041-kpp-plKlöckner Pentaplast GmbHkpNextTM R1 blisterOther rigidPETLetter of CompatibilityA02/10/2025
261-pro-cpPropyplastLMG® W BAR LIGHTOther rigidPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA21/09/2025
268-uni-cpUnileverUnilever HDPE bottle with PP capBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC21/09/2025
004-SOV-LGSovenaAzeite Oliveira Da Serra 750mlBottlePETRecyclability RateA11/09/2025
251-ESS-CP_e05EssityZewa (Films/rolls, wrap and bags)FilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB08/01/2025
250-ESS-CP_e05EssityJust 1 (Films/rolls, wrap and bags)FilmPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB08/01/2025
241-ISD-SZISDINFusion Water range (PP cap MFI < 6)BottlePE rigidRecyclability RateB31/07/2025
247-ISD-SZISDINFusion Water range (PP cap)Other rigidPE rigidRecyclability RateC31/07/2025
246-ISD-CP_e01ISDINFusion Water range (PE cap) - 690022596Other rigidPE rigidRecyclability RateA07/01/2025
248-LAI-SZLaitaBiaxen éco 65 gr + mono PE zip (Paysan Breton 350 gr) PouchPE flexibleRecyclability RateC25/07/2025
245-LOC-CP_e01L'OccitaneeBOM TubeTubePE rigidRecyclability RateB06/08/2025
001-clc-ip_e01CLC/Zhongshan LuenCheong Dispensing Pump LtdCLC Full Plastic Pump E50BottlePETLetter of CompatibilityB06/04/2025
029-isp-plİspak Esnek Ambalaj Sanayi A.Ş.BOPE/PE Dublex Laminate FilmFilmPE flexibleLetter of CompatibilityC28/06/2025
030-isp-plİspak Esnek Ambalaj Sanayi A.Ş.MDO/PE Dublex Laminate FilmFilmPE flexibleLetter of CompatibilityA28/06/2025
242-sil-szSilgan DispensingDispenser SP09R, SP05R, SP05R C, Versaplast R on PP-bottleBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA23/06/2025
244-REB-SZReckitt BenckiserDoypack (printed 2-layer PE)Other rigidPE flexibleRecyclability RateB23/06/2025
008-UMA-AMUmarasUnprinted Mildflex Vacuum bagOther flexiblePE flexibleDesign for RecyclingC12/06/2025
232-unv-szUniverUniver 05 – PP bottle for ketchupBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB02/06/2025
233-unv-szUniverUniver 06 – PP bottle for ketchupBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB02/06/2025
236-PRG-SZProcter & GambleHead&Shoulders Bare shampooBottlePP rigidRecyclability RateB31/05/2025
010-INF-AMInfiaK37 H 60 R-PET PLUR PUNNETTrayPETDesign for RecyclingA17/05/2025
011-INF-AMInfiaKIT29 H38 R-PET PLUR CLAMSHELLOther rigidPETDesign for RecyclingA17/05/2025
009-SCH-AMScholle IPNBiB for water based on RecShield 42 + 2Pure packagingPouchPE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB31/03/2025
217-sil-szSilgan DispensingDispensers SP05R, SP09R, SP05R CR & Versaplast R on HDPE-bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC10/03/2025
216-MAR-SZMarsRoyal Canin All RC dry bagsPouchPE flexibleRecyclability RateC08/03/2025
215-meg-szMegaplastAirOfilm®, ECO AirOfilm®, FiberFilm™ & ECO FiberFilm™Other rigidPE flexibleLetter of CompatibilityA03/03/2025
141-ESS-SZ_E01EssityTENA (PCR 40%)Other flexiblePE flexibleDesign for RecyclingC28/02/2025
033-ber-plBerry SuperfosSuperCube Square 200 x 200 mm 3,5 ltrOther rigidPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA17/02/2025
034-ber-plBerry SuperfosSuperLift ø198 mm 3,1 ltrOther rigidPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA17/02/2025
035-ber-plBerry SuperfosUniPak 195 x 129 mm 600 mlTrayPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA17/02/2025
036-ber-plBerry SuperfosUniPak 120 x 90 mm 280 mlTrayPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA17/02/2025
037-ber-plBerry SuperfosUniPak ø69 mm 120 mlTrayPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA17/02/2025
038-ber-plBerry SuperfosUniPak 129 x 129 mm 600 mlTrayPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA17/02/2025
032-ber-plBerry SuperfosSuperCube Rectangular 250 x 170 mm 3,2 ltrOther rigidPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA15/02/2025
202-SMU-SZSmurfit KappaBag In Box - 3L LE non blocked - VT Uno RedOther flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateC23/01/2025
203-SMU-SZSmurfit KappaBag In Box - 3L LE non blocked - VT Uno 100% clearOther flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateC23/01/2025
204-SMU-SZSmurfit KappaBag In Box - 8L CwE non blocked - VT Uno BlueOther flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateC23/01/2025
198-LOR-SZL'OréalKerastase Bain – Genesis HydraBottlePETDesign for RecyclingA18/01/2025
199-LOR-SZL'OréalKerastase Bain – Vital DermocalmBottlePETDesign for RecyclingB18/01/2025
136-REB-SZReckitt BenckiserFinish all in one tabs 0%Other flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateC31/12/2024
193-HEN-SZHenkelBluestar – Bathroom cleanerBottlePETRecyclability RateA30/11/2024
194-REB-SZReckitt BenckiserFinish KA Gel PP capBottlePE rigidDesign for RecyclingC30/11/2024
195-REB-SZReckitt BenckiserFinish KA Gel PE capBottlePE rigidDesign for RecyclingA30/11/2024
197-EMM-SZEmmi Frischeprodukte AGEMMI CAFFÈ LATTE PP cup with PO sleeveCupPP rigidRecyclability RateC30/11/2024
180-mul-szMultiTubesVariant 1 - Tube laminate with 57% PCRTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC16/11/2024
181-mul-szMultiTubesVariant 2 - Tube laminate with 100% PCRTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC16/11/2024
182-mul-szMultiTubesVariant 3 - Tube laminate, 100% MONOTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA16/11/2024
183-mul-szMultiTubesVariant 4 - Tube laminate, 100% MONO PIR (Handwas Pasta)TubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA16/11/2024
184-mul-szMultiTubesVariant 5 - Tube laminate, Regenerate 75mlTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC16/11/2024
186-bea-szBeauty StarTube 1: Laminated 400 HDPE tube with UV-cured printing and HDPE closureTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA15/11/2024
187-bea-szBeauty StarTube 2: Laminated 400 HDPE tube with 5% or less EVOH barrier, UV-cured printing and HDPE closureTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA15/11/2024
188-bea-szBeauty StarTube 3: Extruded 500 HDPE tube with 5% or less EVOH barrier addition and HDPE closureTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA15/11/2024
185-PRG-SZProcter & GambleLDPE tube with PP capTubePE rigidRecyclability RateC31/10/2024
189-wee-szWeener plasticsCosmoTop PE ESCRTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA31/10/2024
190-wee-szWeener plasticsCosmoTop PE ISCCTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA31/10/2024
149-yon-szYONWOO COMono StraightBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityC19/10/2024
150-yon-szYONWOO CO3CC ECO ONE PPBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB19/10/2024
151-yon-szYONWOO CO3CC ECO ONE PETBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA19/10/2024
152-sil-szSilgan DispensingRevive 2.0cc silk headBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA19/10/2024
147-TBS-SZThe Body Shop200ml Lightweight B&B TubeCupPE rigidRecyclability RateC30/09/2024
159-sil-szSilgan DispensingSP05R PE&PP dispenser on PET bottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityB30/09/2024
165-sil-szSilgan DispensingRevive 4.0cc standard head dispenser on PET bottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA30/09/2024
166-sil-szSilgan DispensingRevive 4.0cc standard head dispenser on HDPE bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA30/09/2024
167-sil-szSilgan DispensingRevive 2.0cc custom headBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA30/09/2024
168-sil-szSilgan DispensingRevive 2.0cc silk headBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA30/09/2024
169-sil-szSilgan DispensingFasTap PE & PP dispenser on HDPE bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityA30/09/2024
170-mas-szMasterpressPrinted PE/PP sleeve on PP cupCupPP rigidLetter of CompatibilityC30/09/2024
171-ESS-SZEssitydm Babylove (with PCR 40%)Other flexiblePE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB30/09/2024
172-ESS-SZEssitydm Babylove (with PCR 40%)Other flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateB30/09/2024
173-HEN-SZHenkelVernel – Liquid fabric conditionerBottlePETRecyclability RateA30/09/2024
174-sil-szSilgan DispensingSP09R PE&PP dispenser on PET bottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA30/09/2024
157-FER-SZFerreroT16 (Rocher)TrayPP rigidRecyclability RateA23/09/2024
161-FER-SZFerreroT30 (Rocher)TrayPP rigidRecyclability RateA23/09/2024
160-BEL-SZBELNurishh PET trayOther rigidPETDesign for RecyclingC21/09/2024
001-ctl-amCTL-TH EngineeringFormato 1 - 10840037/00 - MonolayerTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB31/08/2024
002-ctl-amCTL-TH EngineeringFormato 2 - 10840036/00TubePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB31/08/2024
004-ctl-amCTL-TH EngineeringFormato 4 - 10840038/00 - MultilayerTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC31/08/2024
005-ctl-amCTL-TH EngineeringFormato 5 - 10840035/00TubePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityB31/08/2024
126-kor-szKorozoPE thermoformed tray with EVOH & PE-based lidding film with reclose featureOther rigidPE flexibleLetter of CompatibilityC31/08/2024
153-sil-szSilgan DispensingRevive 2.0cc custom headBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA31/08/2024
156-huh-szHuhtamaki Flexible PackagingBlueloop HD Allbarrier Laminate 220 SilverTubePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityB31/08/2024
121-PRG-SZProcter & GambleSmall Soluble Unit Dose All in One PouchPouchPE flexibleRecyclability RateB03/08/2024
038-MAR-SZMarsPedigree printed shrink filmOther flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateC31/07/2024
088-GRE-SZGreiner PackagingK3 (01-095-500-21)CupPP rigidRecyclability RateA31/07/2024
087-GRE-SZGreiner PackagingK3 (01-095-500-21)CupPP rigidDesign for RecyclingA31/07/2024
101-ESS-SZEssityTENA (PCR 40%)Other flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateC31/07/2024
138-ESS-SZEssityBaby assortment (Supplier with PCR - crit. 3 = 90-95%)Other flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateC31/07/2024
139-ESS-SZEssityBaby assortment (Supplier wo PCR - crit. 3 > 95%)Other flexiblePE flexibleDesign for RecyclingB31/07/2024
140-ESS-SZEssityBaby assortment (Supplier wo PCR - crit. 3 > 95%)Other flexiblePE flexibleRecyclability RateB31/07/2024
141-ESS-SZEssityTENA (PCR 40%)Other flexiblePE flexibleDesign for RecyclingC31/07/2024
133-wee-szWeener plasticsPP closure with a PE based valve (article code: 901-950) attached to a PP bottleBottlePP rigidLetter of CompatibilityA29/07/2024
134-wee-szWeener plasticsPP closure with a PE based valve (article code: 901-950) attached to a PE bottleBottlePE rigidLetter of CompatibilityC29/07/2024
135-wee-szWeener plasticsPP closure with a PE based valve (article code: 901-950) attached to a PET bottleBottlePETLetter of CompatibilityA29/07/2024
129-AZU-SZAzuraPP flowpack for tomatoes trayOther rigidPP flexibleDesign for RecyclingB26/07/2024
128-PRG-SZProcter & GambleHDPE tube with PP capTubePE rigidRecyclability RateC22/07/2024



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