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The free Online Tool tests the recyclability of plastic packaging and shows to what extent it is suitable for recycling, rating it with a class system from A to F.
In addition, the Tool provides specific indications and recommendations on how to improve packaging design to make it compatible with current sorting and recycling technologies.

The analysis examines packaging and its components through a series of questions based on the RecyClass Methodology (link), after which the system will provide the user with a report and a classification for the analysed package. “+” class bonus is obtained for the use of post-consumer recycled material.


RecyClass implemented country-specific information with a mapping of the collection, sorting, and recycling status per type of packaging.

Test the recyclability
of your plastic packaging

Online tool



Please note that the RecyClass Online Tool is based on the Design for Recycling Guidelines and is therefore continuously reviewed and updated by recycling experts.

Moreover, the self-assessment report provided by the OnlineTool is not a certification and does not allow the free use of any claims or recyclability logos. To do so, companies invited to certify the packaging with one of the recognized Certification Bodies.