Use of claims

RecyClass Recyclability & Recycled Content Use of Claims Guidance sets do’s and don’ts on how to communicate transparently on certified recyclability and recycled content of plastics.

Best practices

This voluntary guidance provides recommendations on how to communicate to consumers about plastic packaging recyclability and the use of recycled plastics in products.

Claims and logos based on the RecyClass Certifications can generally be used in documentation, websites, product brochures or on-product. Please see conditions for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications in the Guidance below. Certification holders are responsible for the correct use of RecyClass logos. The rules for logo branding must be respected at all times.

Misuse of logos
& claims

Unauthorized use of the RecyClass logo is not permitted for any products outside of the scope of Certifications.

RecyClass will launch an investigation in case of suspicion or notification of unauthorised, incorrect, or misleading use of the RecyClass claims, logos and Certificates, whether through negligence or fraud.

In case of verified misuse, Certification Bodies will take appropriate measures with certification holders and demand them to implement corrective actions within a determined period of time. In case of failure to comply, Certification can be suspended and withdrawn.

If you suspect or identify misuse of the RecyClass logos or claims, please get in touch with RecyClass by filling in the following form.