RecyClass Methodology outlines a comprehensive approach for assessing plastic packaging recyclability, in a reliable and standardised manner. Plastic packaging is evaluated and attributed a class on a scale from A to F.

The Methodology provides comprehensive information on the assessment methods used to assess and certify the recyclability of a plastic package. The methods are described as:

  • Design-for-Recycling Certification:

Assesses the technical feasibility of final packaging to be correctly sorted and recycled into closed-loop or cascade loop applications. The evaluation provides a class ranking from A to F to indicate its recyclability.

  • Recyclability Rate Certification:

Evaluation of recyclability in practice for final packaging using a specific formula developed by RecyClass in line with the highest European standards. This assessment looks to country-specific waste management infrastructures.

  • Letter of Compatibility:

Based the same approach as the Design for Recycling Certification, evaluates the recyclability of semi-finished packaging.

According to the recyclability definition and the RecyClass Methodology classes A, B and C are considered recyclable, as the quality of the recyclate is good enough to be used in closed-loop or cascade open-loop applications. Detailed definitions for each class can be found in the Methodology.