RECycling process Certificates

More information and a list of all issued RecyClass Recycling Process Certificates can be found below. 

List of certificates

Please get in touch with the certified companies to obtain more information about the Certificate, certified products, and Audit Reports. The list below includes also an overview of equivalent certificates.


Company Name City Country Valid to Status Input Material
ALIPLAST S.p.A. - Borgolavezzaro  Borgolavezzaro  Italy 28/05/2022 Pending PET
ALIPLAST S.p.A. - Istrana  Ospedaletto d'Istrana  Italy 26/05/2022 Pending PET; PE-LD
Cedo Recycling B.V. Geleen Netherlands 09/04/2023 Valid PE - flexible
C.G.R. srl Villata (VC) Italy 21/09/2022 Valid PET
DTJ sp. z o.o. Grodzisk Wielkopolski Poland 24/04/2023 Valid PE-LD
Dentis Recycling Italy srl S. Albano Stura Italy 15/05/2023 Valid PET
Ecoibéria Reciclados Ibéricos S.A. V.N.Farmalicao Portugal 27/02/2023 Valid PET
ECSO UAB Vilnius Lithuania 26/09/2022 Valid PE-LD
Egutegui Reciclados S.L.U. Andoain Spain 17/11/2022 Valid PE-LD
ELA Wyrób Folii i Opakowan sp. Z o.o. sp.k. Celestynów Poland 11/03/2023 Valid PE-LD
Elektrorecykling Polska sp. z o.o. Poznań Poland 03/01/2023 Valid PS; ABS
Eslava Plásticos S.A. Quart de Poblet  Spain 18/01/2023 Valid PE-LD; PE-HD; PP; PS
Greentech Plastics Ltd - Limerick Limerick Ireland 17/11/2022 Valid PE-LD
Greentech Plastics Ltd - Eastleigh Eastleigh UK 11/11/2022 Valid PP
Iber Resinas SL Vilamarxant Spain


Valid  PE-HD; PP; PS; ABS
I. Blu S.r.l. Costa di Rovigo Italy 23/02/2023 Valid MPO; PE-LD
I. Blu S.r.l. San Giorgio di Nogaro Italy 14/09/2022 Valid Mixed plastics (PE, PP, PS, PET)
J and A Young Ltd (Leicester - Corby) trading as Jayplas Corby UK 11/04/2023 Valid PET
J and A Young Ltd (Smethwick) trading as Jayplas Smethwick UK 25/11/2022 Valid PE Films
Kam-Trans Józef Kaminiarz Grodzisk Wielkopolski Poland 01/12/2022 Valid PE-LD
KB PLAST S.r.l.  San Giorgio di Nogaro Italy 14/03/2023 Valid PP
Levantina Industrial de Plasticos S.A. Alicante Spain 05/11/2022 Valid PE-HD; PE-LD; PP
MultiPet GmbH  Bernburg  Germany 08/04/2023 Valid PET
MultiPort GmbH  Bernburg  Germany


Valid PE-HD; PP
Nivaplast Reciclados SL Dólar, Granada Spain


Valid PET
Norfolier GreenTec AS  Folldal  Norway


Pending PE-LD/PE-LLD flexible
Oplast - Recykling FP-H-U  Jerzy Kmita  Bobrowniki Poland 07/12/2022 Valid PP
Palboplast, S.A. Valencia Spain 23/09/2022 Valid PE-LD


Valid PET
PFR Nord GmbH Hohenwestedt Germany 03/03/2023 Valid PET
Plasticos Riaza, S.L. Riaza Spain


Valid PE-HD; PE-LD
Plastiweber Circular Plastics Feliz Brazil


Valid PE-LD
Poly Recycling AG  Bilten  Switzerland 


Valid PET
PreZero Kunststoffrecycling GmbH & Co. KG - Börde- Hakel  Börde- Hakel  Germany 25/11/2022 Valid PVC; PE; PP
PreZero Kunststoffrecycling GmbH & Co. KG, Herford  Herford  Germany 04/12/2022 Valid PVC; PP; PE; ABS; PS 
PreZero Polymers Austria GmbH  Haimburg Germany 30/06/2022 Pending PE; PP; PS; MPO 
PreZero Polymers Italy S.p.A.  Fonte Italy 18/06/2022 Pending PP; PE; PO rigid 
Raff Plastics Houthulst Belgium 06/02/2023 Valid Mixed Plastics (PP; PE-HD; PS; PVC)
Relux Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG Magdeburg Germany 13/02/2023 Valid Mixed plastics; PO; PE; PP
REKS L.L.C.  Ferizaj Kosovo 20/12/2022 Valid PE-LD; PE-LLD; PE-HD
Romplast Regenerat GmbH & Co. KG Maintal Germany 05/03/2023 Valid PE-LD
S.C. ROMCARBON S.A. Buzau Romania 05/03/2023 Valid PS; PE; PP; ABS; PE-HD
Sárvári HUKE K.f.t. Sárvár Hungary 04/11/2022 Valid PET
SEG Umwelt-Service GmbH Mettlach Germany 12/04/2023 Valid


Solplast S.A. Lorca Spain 09/02/2023 Valid PE-LD
SP BERNER PLASTIC GROUP S.L. Torrent Spain 24/11/2022 Valid PE-LD; PP
SRH Kunststoffe GmbH Plauen Germany 23/01/2023 Valid PET
Steinbeis PolyVert GmbH - Werk I Völkermarkt Austria 21/09/2022 Valid PET; PE-HD
Steinbeis PolyVert GmbH - Werk II Kühnsdorf Austria 21/09/2022 Valid PE; PP; PS; PS/PP rigid
STIPHOUT PLASTICS B.V. Montfort Netherlands 16/03/2023 Valid PP; PE
Sulayr Global Service, S.L. Granada Spain 31/05/2023 Valid PET; PE; PET/PE
Unilevel Plastic Business, S.L.U. Zaragoza Spain 28/02/2023 Valid PE-LD; PE-HD
VIVASTO S.A. Bytom Poland 03/08/2022 Valid PE-LD


Misuse of logos
& claims

Unauthorized use of the RecyClass logo is not permitted for any products outside of the scope of Certifications.

RecyClass will launch an investigation in case of suspicion or notification of unauthorised, incorrect, or misleading use of the RecyClass claims, logos and Certificates, whether through negligence or fraud.

In case of verified misuse, Certification Bodies will take appropriate measures with certification holders and demand them to implement corrective actions within a determined period of time. In case of failure to comply, Certification can be suspended and withdrawn.

If you suspect or identify misuse of the RecyClass logos or claims, please get in touch with RecyClass by filling in the following form.