Recycled plastic

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The Certification focuses on the traceability of recycled plastics within a process and the verification of a given percentage of recycled plastic content in products.

The Audit Schemes was developed in alignment with EN 15343 and the principles of controlled blending chain of custody model as defined in ISO 22095.
All actors of the plastics value chain using recycled plastics may apply.

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    Check your eligibility for the Certification

    To be eligible for the certification, your recycler(s) should be certified with the RecyClass Recycling Process Certification, or any other equivalent certification in line with EN 15343, and your product should be made of plastics.

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    Choose a Certification Body and submit the Application Form

    To get certified, you are invited to contact one of the Certification Bodies listed below who will provide you with the Application Form and guide you through the process. Recognised Certification Bodies are independent third party bodies.

    List of certification bodies to contact

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    Sign a Certification Agreement and provide information

    Sign a Certification Agreement and NDA to officialize the application. Certification Body will provide a list of documentation needed to assess the process and products to be certified prior to the on-site audit.

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    Organise an audit and obtain a Certificate

    The Certification is granted after the auditor successfully carries out the on-site audit. The Certificate’s validity is one year. After that, the audit will be renewed.

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    Use the RecyClass claims and logos to raise awareness

    Organizations are welcome to use the corresponding RecyClass logo for certified products.

    More information on how to use the logos and claims can be found in the Use of Claims Guidance.

    See use of claims guidance