RecyClass Testing Methods

The recyclability of a specific product is determined by the compatibility of the different components of a packaging and their combination in a specific recycling stream. Before being able to determine the recyclability of a specific packaging, the recyclability of each of the components needs to be assessed. RecyClass Technical Committees perform assessments of different technologies or the so-called components. The results of such assessments are used to update Design for Recycling Guidelines, based on scientific data. Additionally, the RecyClass Technical Committees conduct product assessments to evaluate the compatibility of complex and final packaging with the dedicated recycling stream.

The RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and Sorting Evaluation Protocol establish a harmonised methodology to test respectively the recyclability and sortability of a specific technology or product in a determined recycling stream.

The RecyClass Quick Test Procedures allows companies and Certification Bodies to rapidly assess specific packaging features (e.g., label and adhesive removal, bleeding inks). Further procedures are under development by RecyClass Technical Committees.

RecyClass provides support to the companies interested in testing their own technologies and products.
Please contact us if you would like to evaluate the recyclability of your packaging.

RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols List

RecyClass Quick Test Procedures List

RecyClass Sorting Evaluation Protocol

Similarly to RecyClass, EPBP established several test procedures to assess the influence of PET bottle innovations – such as barrier materials, resin formulations, additives, and non-PET components in or on PET bottles – on r-PET recycling processes.

Please refer to the EPBP website to learn more about the PET bottles Recyclability Protocols. Evaluation protocols for PET trays are currently under development by PETCORE Europe. RecyClass is involved in PETCORE Europe Technical Committees to support this development.

RecyClass Accredited Laboratories

Testing is performed by independent laboratories, that are accredited by RecyClass to perform the Recyclability Evaluation Protocols for specific types of packaging. The laboratories take charge of the samples to be tested and provide a complete, comprehensible report of the results to the applicant and RecyClass.

Please find below the list of the accredited laboratories. If you would like to get in touch with the laboratories, please contact us.

Accreditation procedure for laboratories and quality management of the testing are described in the following document. 

Accredited Laboratories – Quality Management & Procedures

List of Accredited Laboratories

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