RecyClass Testing Methods

Recyclability of packaging technologies is determined by the compatibility of the different components, as well as their behaviour in given sorting and recycling streams. To aid companies in assessing the circularity of these technologies, RecyClass developed a series of testing methods. RecyClass Technical Committees and Recognised Testing Facilities are tasked with performing assessments of different technologies.

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RecyClass Technical Committess                                          RecyClass Testing Facilities

Recyclability & Sorting Evaluation Protocols

Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and Sorting Evaluation Protocol establish a harmonised methodology to test the recyclability and sortability of a specific technology or product in a determined recycling stream.

To improve the transparency and robustness of these Protocols, they underwent a peer-review by Prof. Ragaert (University of Maastricht) and Prof. Gerke (Hochschule Magdeburg – Stendal).


Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PE Films

Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE Containers

Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP Containers

Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP Films

Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PS Containers

Sorting Evaluation Protocol for Plastic Packaging

PET Packaging Innovation

European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and RecyClass support the PET value chain actors in their efforts to improve the circularity of PET bottles. Within this partnership, RecyClass is responsible for the execution and validation of the standard recyclability evaluation based on EPBP guidelines, protocols & quick test procedures.

Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PET Bottles

Quick Test (QT 500): Oven test for regrind PET flakes 

Quick Test (QT 502): Sink-float separation test

Quick Test (QT 504): Glue separation test

Quick Test (QT 507): Bleeding label

Quick Test (QT 508): Labels & Adhesives


Testing procedures and the recyclability evaluation protocol for PET trays have been developed by Petcore Europe, where RecyClass offered its support and expertise.

RecyClass Recognised Testing Facilities

Recognised facilities include laboratories entrusted with performing testing in accordance with RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols, as well as sorting lines equipped to carry out evaluations according to the Sorting Protocol. These facilities handle testing samples and provide a comprehensive report of the results to the applicant and RecyClass.

Below you will find the list of recognised entities. To get in touch with them, interested companies must first contact RecyClass.

Recognition procedure and quality management of the testing are described in the following document:


Recognised Laboratories for Recyclability Evaluation

PS Rigids

Recognised Sorting Lines

Sorting Lines