Recycled Plastics
Traceability Certificates

More information and a list of all issued RecyClass Recycled Plastics Traceability Certificates can be found below. 

List of certificates

Please get in touch with the certified companies to obtain more information about the Certificate, certified products, and Audit Reports.

RecyClass Certified Companies can manage their certificates via the following link: 

RecyClass Audit Tool

Certificate code  Name of the company Polymer City Country Valid to  Certification Status
RC001-COL-06-24-TAB-MT Colpack S.r.l. LDPE Mornico Al Serio Italy 14/06/24 valid
RC003-KLP-06-23-AIM-VM Klöckner Pentaplast - LINPAC Packaging Pravia S.A.U PET Pravia Spain 15/06/23 expired
RC004-ASP-05-23-IVC-V.e02 ASPLA - Plásticos Españoles, S.A. LDPE Torrelavega Spain 23/06/2023 expired
RC006-MOR-04-24-DQS-AS Mornos S.A. LDPE Thiva Greece 27/04/2024 valid
RC007-VER-05-23-TAB-MT Versalis S.p.A. EPS Mantova Italy 01/05/2023 expired
RC008-NEE-04-23-SMA-MA Neemann LiteFlexPACKAGING (M.Neemann OHG) LDPE Leer Germany 21/04/2024 valid
RC009-SIL-03-24-IVC-JZ Silvalac, S.A. LDPE Santa Margarida i els Monjos Spain 10/03/2024 valid
RC010-MAC-03-24-IVC-SV Macresac, S.A. LDPE La Selva del Camp Spain 9/03/2024 valid
RC011-SEL-05-23-DQS-CR Selenis Portugal S.A. PET Portalegre Portugal 30/04/2024 valid
RC012-BON-11-23-TAB-MT BONLEX EUROPE S.r.l. PET Motta di Livenza Italy 10/11/2023 valid
RC013-SLE-07-24-TER-CS SLEEVER Technologies PET Saint Suplice France 04/07/2024 valid
RC014-BEO-12-23-BPA-WV Beologic NV PP Zwevegem Belgium 01/12/2023 valid
RC015-INF-07-23-TAB-MT Infia S.r.l. PET Bertinoro Italy 27/07/2023 valid
RC016-KLP-04-24-PLS-KH Klöckner Pentaplast Europe GmbH PET Heiligenroth Germany 10/04/2024 valid
RC018-RPC-08-23-CIR-PC British Polythene Limited, trading as Berry bpi Recycled Products LDPE Heanor UK 22/09/2023 valid
RC019-KOR-08-23-SVA-MA Korozo Ambalaj SAN. VE TIC A.S. LDPE Kirac/Esenyurt/Istanbul Turkey 25/08/2023 valid
RC020-RES-09-23-SVA-MA Resilux NV PET Wetteren Belgium 23/09/2023 valid
RC021-TW-11-23-SVA-MA TRIOWORLD Sundsvall AB LDPE Sundsvall Sweden 17/11/2023 valid
RC022-TW-12-23-SVA-MA Trioworld Smålandsstenar AB LDPE Smalandstena Sweden 01/12/2023 valid
RC023-TW-10-23-SVA-MA TRIOWORLD Ombrée d’Anjou SAS LDPE Ombrée d’Anjou France 28/10/2023 valid
RC024-DEN-09-23-TAB-MT DENELAVAS S.A.  LDPE Metamorfosi Greece 01/11/2023 valid
RC025-POL-12-23-AIM-VM Polivouga - Indústria de Plásticos, S.A. LDPE Albergaria-a-Velha Portugal 14/12/2023 valid
RC026-FLX-10-23-AML-AK Foliarex P.W. Spólka z o.o LDPE Steszew Poland 21/10/2023 valid
RC027-PEN-11-23-ECO-CR Pentaplast, Unipessoal, Lda. PO Santo Tirso Portugal 17/11/2023 valid
RC030-INE-03-24-CYC-TD INEOS Styrolution Europe GmbH / Schwarzheide PS; ABS Schwarzheide Germany 17/03/2024 valid
RC031-INF-01-24-IVC-JZ Infia Plastic, S.L. PET Puzol Spain 17/01/2024 valid
RC032-UNP-07-23-AML-AK Uniplast ZTS Sp. z o.o. Sp. Komandytowa  LDPE Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą Poland 13/07/2023 valid
RC034-TW-02-24-SVA-MA Trioworld Landskrona  LDPE Landskrona Sweden 02/03/2024 Valid
RC035-TW-11-23-SVA-MA Trioworld Nyborg LDPE Nyborg Denmark 07/12/2023 valid
RC036-TW-05-23-SVA-MA TRIOWORLD Lundins AB LDPE Arkiva Sweden 18/07/2023 valid
RC037-KP-08-23-CIR-PC Klockner Pentaplast Limited (trading as KP Films) PET Crumlin (Wales) UK 22/08/2023 valid
RC038-MON-04-24-SGS-BZ Mondi Szada Kft. LDPE Szada Hungary 01/04/2024 valid
RC039-BER-04-23-TER-YB Berry Superfos HDPE La Genête France 21/04/2023 expired
RC040-POL-04-24-IVC-SV Polimur S.A. LDPE Lorqui Spain 11/04/2024 valid
RC042-TW-05-24-SVA-MA Trioworld Apeldoorn B.V. LDPE Apeldoorn Netherlands 11/05/2024 valid
RC044-THR-03-24-DQS-AS THRACE POLYFILMS LDPE Xanthi Greece 01/04/2023 valid
RC045-KUN-05-24-CYC-TH KUNSTSTOFFEXPRESS Handel GmbH PP, PS, ABS Bielefeld Germany 15/03/2024 valid
RC046-ALP-05-23-CTC-TD Alpla - Belgium PET Oudenaarde  Belgium  23/05/2023 expired
RC048-SEY-05-24-IVC-AF SEYCA PLASTIC PACKAGING, S.L. PET Ibi (Alicante) Spain 26/05/2024 valid
RC049-INE-04-24-CYC-TD INEOS Styrolution Europe GmbH / Antwerpen ABS Antwerpen Belgium 25/04/2024 expired
RC050-ASP-06-24-TER-YB Aspen GS PS; ABS Lyon France 16/06/2024 valid
RC051-DUO-04-23-PLS-AB Duo Plast LDPE Unterbreizbach-Sünna / Thüringen Germany 01/04/2023 expired
RC052 POL-10-23-PLS-AB POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH LDPE Südliches Anhalt OT Weißandt-Gölzau Germany 01/10/2023 valid
RC054-BER-05-23-KIW-BE Berry bpi Indupac HDPE BJ Hardenberg The Netherlands 08/08/2023 valid
RC055-BER-08-23-KIW-BE BPI Formipac HDPE Roeselare Belgium 08/08/2023 valid
RC056-STO-03-24-CYC-TH Storopack HDPE Metzingen Germany 17/03/2024 valid
RC057-CAP-08-23-KIW-BE Capi Europe BV HDPE RM Tilburg  The Netherlands 31/08/2023 valid
RC058-NTF-12-23-AIM-VM NETAFIM SPAIN SL HDPE Ribarroja de Turia - Valencia Spain 1/12/2023 valid
RC059-RES-09-23-IVC-JV RESILUX IBÉRICA PACKAGING, S.A.U. PET Higuera La Real – Badajoz  Spain 23/09/2023 valid
RC060-CED-02-24-CYC-TD CeDo Folien und Haushaltsprodukte GmbH LDPE Mönchengladbach Germany 10/01/2024 valid
RC061-POP-11-23-CYC-TD Pöppelmann PP, PE, PS Lonhe Germany 21/11/2023 valid
RC062-OMT-10-23-ECO-CR OMT Recycling Project SL PET Cantabria Spain 19/10/2023 valid
RC064-TW-11-23-SVA-MA Trioworld Harlingen LDPE Harlingen The Netherlands 23/11/2023 valid
RC066-RPS-12-23-CUN-JA Repsol Puertollano PO Puertollano Spain 19/12/2023 valid
RC067-PDX-12-23-CUN-JA Repsol Química – Plant Polidux HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP Monzon (Huesca) Spain 14/12/2023 valid
RC068-ALP-01-24-IVC-VM ALPLA Iberica S.a. (Requena) PET

Requena (Valencia)

Spain 22/01/2024 valid
RC069-KP-01-24-DQS-CR Klockner Pentaplast España SAU PET St Feliu de Buixalleu (Girona) Spain 24/01/2024 valid
RC071-MGR-04-24-IVC-VM MGR Packaging PP Marinha Grande Portugal 26/04/2024 valid
RC072-BRK-02-24-CUN-JA Bareks Plastik Film Ekstrüzyon San. ve Tic. A.Ş. PE Izmir Turkey 09/02/24 Valid
RC073-FLG-03-24-ALM-MK FOLGOS sp. z o.o. PE Gostyn Poland 29/03/2024 Valid
RC076-CTZ-03-24-KIW-MA COMPOTECZETA Srl PA66 Casale Litta (VA) Italy 01/03/2024 Valid
RC077-TOC-04-24-ALM-AK Total-chem Sp. z o. o. PE Zory Poland 26/04/2024 Valid
RC078-RBN-04-24-TER-CS Reborn Normandie PE Bernay France 04/05/2024 Valid
RC079-POL-11-23-PUG-JL POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH PE Südliches Anhalt OT Weißandt-Gölzau Germany 08/03/2024 Valid
RC081-BRA-03-24-KIW-MA Plastic Partner Bralten&Evers GmbH PA66 Bocholt Germany 01/03/2024 Valid
RC082-ALP-04-24-IVC-SV ALPLA Noblejas                             HDPE Noblejas (Toledo) Spain 26/04/2024 valid
RC083-ALP-05-24-IVC-VM ALPLA Les Franqueses 1               HDPE Les Franqueses del Vallés (Barcelona) Sapin 10/05/2024 valid
RC085-GRA-03-24-SVA-MA GRAF Holding GmbH  PE, PP Teningen Germany 27/03/2024 Valid
RC086-CAB-04-24-TER-CS Cabamix LDPE Cabannes France 25/04/2024 valid
RC088-ALE-04-24-QHS-CR alesco Folien GmbH & Co.KG PE Langerwehe Germany 03/04/2024 Valid
RC089-SIG-05-24-ALM-MK Sigma Stretch Film Europe sp. z o.o LLDPE Karczew Poland 01/05/2024 Valid

Misuse of logos
& claims

Unauthorized use of the RecyClass logo is not permitted for any products outside of the scope of Certifications.

RecyClass will launch an investigation in case of suspicion or notification of unauthorised, incorrect, or misleading use of the RecyClass claims, logos and Certificates, whether through negligence or fraud.

In case of verified misuse, Certification Bodies will take appropriate measures with certification holders and demand them to implement corrective actions within a determined period of time. In case of failure to comply, Certification can be suspended and withdrawn.

If you suspect or identify misuse of the RecyClass logos or claims, please get in touch with RecyClass by filling in the following form.