Walki Plasbel ‘Lamibel®MDO-PE Laminate HB’ receives a RecyClass Recyclability Approval
01 Feb 2024

Following latest independent testing, Walki Plasbel’s laminated structure containing both EVOH and a solvent-free aromatic PU-based laminating adhesive was approved as fully compatible with the flexible polyethylene (PE) recycling stream in Europe.

This type of packaging structure is typical for PE laminates with barrier materials and can be used in food packaging. What distinguishes the Walki Plasbel technology is that it is the first to get a Recyclability Approval for the combination of stated materials.

Testing was carried out by Aimplas, following the standardised testing procedures of the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PE films[1]. No negative effects were observed during the recycling process, making it compatible with the state-of-the art processes in Europe. However, the Approval is valid as long as the amount of EVOH used does not exceed 4.8% and the laminating adhesive is limited to 3.5% of the total weight of the packaging[2].

With this Approval, Walki Plasbel provides a testament that the selection of the correct combination of packaging features is essential in ensuring both the functionality, as well as the recyclability of plastic packaging.

The results will also serve to further boost the innovation on the circularity of plastics, in anticipation of the targets proposed by the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation.


[1] RecyClass Testing Methods

[2] The full list of conditions can be found in the Recyclability Approval Letter: Walki Plasbel ‘Lamibel®MDO-PE Laminate HB


RecyClass Recyclability Approvals

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