SCGC’s ‘BW01501G’ barrier coating tested and approved by RecyClass
11 Apr 2022

Results of an independent laboratory testing demonstrate that the barrier coating ‘BW01501G’ developed by SCGC is compatible with PE flexible recycling streams under certain conditions.

The laminated film is designed with the barrier coating ‘BW01501G’, representing about 2% of the total weight of the film. This barrier technology is constituted of a water-based polyvinyl alcohol and aliphatic polyurethane which confer oxygen barrier properties to the laminate. The ‘BW01501G’ coating provides simultaneously barrier and adhesion properties necessary for food-contact applications, whereas, a solvent-based aromatic polyurethane was used as laminating adhesive.

The compatibility with recycling was assessed by laboratory analysis carried out by Aimplas according to the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PE Films. According to the laboratory results ‘BW01501G’ barrier technology conforms to the current European PE recycling stream provided they are designed under specific conditions[1]. These include, among others, that the amount of ‘BW01501G’ barrier coating can be up to 2% compared to the total weight of the packaging. Besides, recommendations on the nature and amount of laminating adhesive were provided by RecyClass to ensure a limited impact on the recyclability of the film. Companies using the ‘BW01501G’ technology are now invited to certify the recyclability of their products based on the approval granted to SCGC.

Recycled plastics generated from the recycling process of ‘BW01501G’ can be used in high-value applications, such as new flexible packaging with up to 25% concentration. The compatibility of this innovative technology with recycling contributes is yet another step of the value chain towards circular economy for PE films used in packaging.


[1] Full list of conditions available in the SCGC RecyClass Approval Letter


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RecyClass is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability and to establish a harmonized approach towards recycled content calculation and its traceability in Europe. Activities within RecyClass include the development of Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and scientific testing methods for innovative materials which serve as the base for the Design for Recycling Guidelines and the Recycling Online Tool. RecyClass offers Recyclability Certifications for plastic packaging and Recycled Content Traceability Certification for plastic products.


RecyClass Recyclability Approvals

RecyClass issues two types of Recyclability Approvals – Technology Approvals and Product Approvals. These are issued upon conducted testing in accordance with one of the established Recyclability Evaluation Protocols. Testing results are incorporated in the RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines and the Online Tool. The full list of approved Technologies and Products can be found on the RecyClass website.