Revised Design for Recycling Guidelines for Polyolefin Packaging
19 Dec 2017

An updated version of  developed by Plastics Recyclers Europe is now available. The amended guidelines differentiate between the coloured and non-coloured polyolefin packaging. In addition, the guidelines will soon be integrated into the  tool. 

Thoughtful packaging design, which takes into consideration the functionality of a product, its carbon footprint and in parallel its end-of-life, is one of the backbones of the circular economy model. It is also a necessary step for increasing quality recycling.

The criteria of the updated guidelines were developed according to the expertise of the European plastics recyclers. There are now 8 new guidelines available: PE-HD coloured & natural containers, PP coloured and natural containers, PE coloured & transparent film and PP coloured & transparent film.

Ton Emans, PRE President said: Good design for recycling will boost recyclates’ quality which is fundamental to increase the use of recycled material. This will also facilitate the use of recyclates in an increased number of applications.

Paolo Glerean, Chairman of the RecyClass Technical Committee, added: Application of Design for Recycling Guidelines will enable more efficient collection, sorting and recycling while reducing costs. Packaging manufacturers, brand owners and retailers should use RecyClass to assess and identify areas to improve their packaging keeping in mind recyclability aspect.

PRE is simultaneously collaborating with Association of Plastics Recyclers within the Global Outreach Alliance which is expected to produce harmonised Design for Recycling guidelines at a global level.