Polyfoil® MMB Tubes by Neopac approved by RecyClass
02 Dec 2020

Pharmaceutical grade ‘Polyfoil® Mono-Material-Barrier (MMB) Tube PF542/642’ and ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF525/623’ by Neopac are fully compatible with the current European HDPE recycling stream, according to the independent testing carried out by IKTR lab, as per the RecyClass 

Firstly, the HDPE laminated barrier tube ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF542/642’ incorporating final printing artwork, is a PE based mono-directional-oriented (MDO) barrier film in the center of the body structure, and a separate EVOH barrier in the internal HDPE based foil.The tube was tested without the closure system and its analysis did not reveal negative impacts on the recycling process, given the defined conditions [1]

Secondly, to evaluate the impact of the final product, Neopac tested as well the ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF542/642’ with its final printing and its HDPE cap. Neopac’s closure system demonstrated good compatibility with recycling, under specific conditions [2].  

Lastly, the ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF525/623’ provided with its final printing artworks, containing a PE based metallized MDO barrier film in the center of the body structure, and a separate EVOH barrier layer in the internal HDPE based foil, is also fully compatible with HDPE recycling, under specific conditions [3].  

With the testing of Neopac’s Polyfoil® MMB tubes the compatibility of adhesive lamination and MDO barrier technology for the tube body structure with recycling, and the suitability of HDPE caps with blow moulding applications was assessed for the first time. The tested technologies generate recyclates that can be used in the manufacturing of high-quality products, such as HDPE bottles, with up to 25% concentration.  

Testing of polyethylene cap is a big step forward for the packaging industry as it highlights the possibility to replace the current PP caps and, therefore, decreasing the quantity of polypropylene in the HDPE recycling stream.  Switching to HDPE closure systems will increase the quality of the final recycled plastics, contributing to the uptake of design for recycling principles in the manufacturing of plastic packaging and to the achievement of the European recycling targets. 


[1] Approval conditions can be found here: Technology Approval ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF542/642’

[2] Approval conditions can be found here: Product Approval ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF542/642’

[3] Approval conditions can be found here: Technology Approval ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF525/623’



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