Penn Color receives a joint Recyclability Approval from RecyClass and EPBP
11 Oct 2023

Latest independent testing proves Penn Color’s ‘66UV11964’ UV blocker as compatible with the clear transparent and coloured PET bottle recycling streams in Europe.

UV light exposure can induce the degradation of specific vitamins, flavours, colorants, and additives, resulting in diminished potency and a shortened shelf life. Penn Color’s ‘66UV11964” UV blocker can be used in PET bottles to safeguard UV-sensitive contents against photodegradation when exposed to direct light, thereby protecting essential product characteristics like aroma, flavour, and colour. Recyclability evaluation was carried out to ensure that the additive does not cause yellowing on the PET matrix during the recycling process.

Trials were carried out at Plastic Forming Enterprises (PFE) following the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PET bottles from EPBP[1], and results show that no significant deviations were observed on the quality of the produced recyclates. The stated approval is valid under the condition that the concentration of the UV stabiliser does not exceed 0.6 wt% in a PET bottle[2].

Following this process, Penn Color’s technology will be integrated within the RecyClass Online Tool[3] and will also be considered within the scope of RecyClass Recyclability Certifications[4] for plastic packaging.

In general, the use of additives in the PET stream has caused issues for recycling due to the subsequent yellowing of the final recycled materials. What this approval shows to the industry is that with innovation it is possible to limit or avoid such adverse impacts on recyclates – and, therefore, move closer to a circular plastic future.


[1] More information can be found here.

[2] Full list of conditions can be found in the Recyclability Approval Letter: Penn Color ‘66UV11964’

[3] RecyClass Online Tool

[4] RecyClass Recyclability Certifications


RecyClass Recyclability Approvals

RecyClass issues two types of Recyclability Approvals – Technology Approvals and Product Approvals. These are issued upon conducted testing in accordance with one of the established Recyclability Evaluation Protocols. Testing results are incorporated in the RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines and the Online Tool. The full list of approved Technologies and Products can be found on the RecyClass website.


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RecyClass is a non-profit, cross-industry initiative advancing recyclability, bringing transparency to the origin of plastic waste and establishing a harmonized approach toward recycled plastic calculation & traceability in Europe. RecyClass develops Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and scientific testing methods for innovative plastic packaging materials which serve as the base for the Design for Recycling Guidelines and the RecyClass Online Tool. RecyClass established Recyclability Certifications for plastic packaging, Recycling Process Certification and Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification for plastic products.

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About EPBP

EPBP is a Platform that consists of technical experts in the field of PET production, design and recycling, whose only objective is the evaluation of new technologies and providing an independent and confidential assessment of their impact on the PET recycling processes across Europe. EPBP has established several test procedures in order to assess the impact on recycling of new packaging technologies. Products that pass the tests should not cause any problems during recycling.


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