Flexible polypropylene film technology using ‘Toppyl PB 8310M’ and ‘Toppyl PB 8220M’ polybutene-1 grades by LyondellBasell tested by RecyClass
02 May 2022

Polypropylene (PP) film technology using ‘Toppyl PB 8310M’ and ‘Toppyl PB 8220M’ polybutene-1 (PB-1) grades by LyondellBasell is compatible with the polypropylene recycling stream. The technology, including compounds that contain one of the two PB-1 grades, was tested and granted approval by RecyClass.

 ‘Toppyl PB 8310M and PB 8220M’ PB-1 resins may be blended into PP resins. The PB-1 may function to lower the Sealing Initiation Temperature (SIT) of the film structure. An unprinted three-layer PP film having 7.5 wt. % PB-1, based on the total weight of the film, was tested.  

The laboratory analysis of this technology was conducted by Aimplas, an independent laboratory that performed the tests according to the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP films. The results demonstrate that these polymers will have no negative impact on the current European PP flexibles recycling stream under specific conditions. To be compatible the film structures incorporating this technology must, among other things[1], have a density below 0.97 g/cm3 and BP-1 content of less than 7.5 wt%, based upon the total weight of the structure.

The laboratory testing shows that plastic generated by the recycling process may be used in high-quality applications such as PP cast or BOPP film with up to 25 wt.% of this material.

Advancing flexible plastic waste management towards circularity requires, in the first place, improving the recyclability of films put on the market to produce the highest quality of recycled material. The BP-1 grades produced by Lyondelbasell is a step towards driving the uptake of recyclates in high-end products like film applications.

[1] For the full conditions please see: LyondellBasell Technology Approval Letter for ‘Toppyl PB 8310M’


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