EPL’s Platina PRO HDPE tubes technology approved by RecyClass
Company extends its range of recyclable tube technologies with the Platina Pro series02 Jun 2021

Following RecyClass approval of two Platina tubes last year, an independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the EPL’s ‘Platina 220 PRO’ and ‘Platina 250 PRO’ tubes can be equally recycled in the high-density polyethylene containers (HDPE) recycling stream.

The EPL’s technology in question is a tube technology destined mostly for Beauty & Cosmetics, Oral Care, Food, and Pharma products. The tubes are made from a laminated HDPE structure with an HDPE shoulder and were tested unprinted and without the cap. Both tubes contain an EVOH barrier of a concentration below 5% of the total weight of the packaging, compatibilized with over 2,5% PE tie layers grafted with at least 0,1 % maleic anhydride.

Since the Platina PRO technologies received previously the recognition of recyclability from The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) in the US, RecyClass[1] equally approved the technologies as fully compatible with coloured HDPE recycling[2]. The EPL technologies pose no negative impacts to the rigid HDPE recycling stream when the set conditions[3] are fulfilled. These require that the body of the tube and its shoulder are made of clear or white PE with the prevalence of HDPE, while the EVOH concentration cannot exceed 5% of the total weight of the packaging. Furthermore, the cap must be made of PE and the application of decorative technology must be in line with the RecyClass’ recommendations.

Recycled plastics generated from the recycling of the tubes can be used to manufacture high-quality blow moulding applications such as containers with up to 25% concentration.

Since the tubes were tested without the cap and with printing, the approval applies solely to the tubes which were in the scope of this analysis. To assess the full packaging an additional assessment is recommended to review the impact of the closure system and decorations on the quality of recycled HDPE.

The findings of these analyses contribute towards quality recycled HDPE and set the way towards increased recycling rates in Europe.


[1] PRE and APR are part of the Global Plastics Outreach Alliance, a partnership aimed at harmonizing design guidelines and testing protocols, to create a Global Plastics Protocol. Therefore, where possible and applicable for Europe, RecyClass can equally approve the different technologies based on the results of the laboratory tests performed in the US.

[2] Following the results of Plastics Forming Enterprise which carried out the analyses as per the APR HDPE Critical and Application Guidance testing protocols.

[3] The full list of the conditions can be found here: Technology Approval EPL ‘Platina 2211 PRO’ & Technology Approval EPL ‘Platina 2515 PRO’


About EPL Limited

EPL Limited (formerly known as Essel Propack Ltd.) is the world's largest specialty packaging company specializing in the manufacture of laminated plastic tubes for the FMCG and pharmaceutical industries and active platinum member of RecyClass organisation. With its over 3,000 employees from 25 nations, EPL operates 20 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in eleven countries and sells approximately 8 billion tubes per year.

With a 36% global market share in oral care, EPL has facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Colombia, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Russia, China, the Philippines and India. These facilities cater to the five core categories of Oral Care, Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharma & Health, Food & Nutrition and Home Care, providing customized solutions driven by continuous innovation in materials, technology, design and processes.

The EPL Sustainability Toolbox offers a wide Range of highly developed, customized and recyclable packaging solutions in tubes. EPL is committed to deliver most environment-friendly packaging to meet global sustainability targets.

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About RecyClass

RecyClass is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability and to establish a harmonized approach towards recycled content calculation and traceability in Europe. Activities within RecyClass include the development of Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and scientific testing of innovative materials which serve as the base for the Design for Recycling guidelines and the free online tool. RecyClass offers Recyclability Certifications and Recycled Content Traceability Certification for plastic packaging.

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