Best Practices for Recyclability & Recycled Content Claims
How to communicate transparently with consumers?21 Sep 2022

RecyClass releases a set of voluntary principles and recommendations to guide the plastics industry in communicating with consumers in a clear and reliable manner.   

The principles can be used by the entire plastics industry and are applicable for both on-product and off-product claims.

As key elements for proper messaging, RecyClass recommends using statements that are accurate, specific, understandable, and for which the background information is accessible & transparent.

Paired with these elements, industry players should offer assurance to the end users regarding the made statements. This can be done by substantiating & verifying claims via third-party certification schemes, such as the ones developed by RecyClass.

Credibility is of paramount importance when garnering trust in the quality of products and it will continue to shape access to information granted to consumers. In parallel, clear guidance on how to communicate will help the industry move away from greenwashing claims. 

Access the full guidance via the following link: 

Best Practices for Recyclability & Recycled Content Claims