Albéa’s HDPE tube with HDPE flip-top cap approved by RecyClass
12 May 2021

Results of an independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the HDPE thin wall tube with an HDPE flip-top cap by Albéa is fully compatible with the rigid HDPE recycling stream.

The tube, which is used mostly as packaging for cosmetics, is made from a 100% mono-material structure with a white masterbatch that incorporates a thin white barrier coextruded HDPE body with an HDPE shoulder and a snap-on HDPE flip-top cap. The tube and the cap were tested unprinted. The technology uses an EVOH barrier with around 3% concentration of the total weight of the packaging compatibilized with PE grafted MAH tie layers.

As demonstrated by the laboratory analyses of the Institut für Kunststofftechnologie und -recycling (IKTR), carried by the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE containers, the HDPE tube with low-melt flow HDPE flip-top cap technology is fully compatible with the recycling process. This technology poses no negative impacts to the rigid HDPE recycling stream when the set conditions[1] are fulfilled. These stipulate, among others, that the body of the tube and its shoulder must be made of clear or white PE with the prevalence of HDPE. The EVOH concentration, on the other hand, cannot exceed 3% of the total weight of the packaging and the closure system must be made of clear or white low-melt flow HDPE grade. Additionally, any decorative technology applied on the tube must as well be in line with the RecyClass’ recommendations.

Recycled plastics generated from the recycling of this tube can be used to manufacture high-quality blow moulding applications such as bottles, with up to 25% concentration.

The results of this analysis are an important step for the industry as this innovation demonstrates once again that replacing currently widely used PP caps on HDPE tubes is feasible. Consequently, this will help to decrease the quantity of polypropylene in the HDPE recycling stream and therefore, improve the quality of this stream. The results of this first testing are very encouraging and show once again that mono-material structures contribute strongly to the overall recyclability of plastic packaging.

Furthermore, it is the first time that a low-melt flow HDPE flip-top cap technology was successfully tested by RecyClass.

This approval is a clear direction for the industry on how to improve recyclability and recycling rates for rigid HDPE packaging in Europe.


[1] The full list of conditions can be found in the Albéa’s RecyClass Technology Approval Letter


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