RecyClass Unwrapped: Advancing the circularity of PS packaging

Making plastic packaging genuinely recyclable hinges on clear guidance for the industry. With that goal in mind, RecyClass worked with the industry stakeholders on developing the Design for Recycling Guidelines and the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for polystyrene (PS) packaging.

In this session, we discussed the developments within the PS market in Europe and the harmonised approach towards the recyclability of this type of packaging. 



15.00-15.05h     Welcome & Introduction

15.05-15.15h     PS Market in Europe: State of Play

                              David Eslava, Deputy Managing Director, Eslava Plasticos 

15.15-15.30h     Food Contact, Circular Design & Low Carbon Footprint: Circular Polystyrene

                             Jens Kathmann, Secretary General, Styrenics Circular Solutions

15.30-15.45h    PS Packaging Circularity with RecyClass

                              Fabrizio di Gregorio, Technical Director, Plastics Recyclers Europe

15.45-16.00h     Questions & Answers

Moderated by: David Eslava