RecyClass Recyclability Approval is issued to the Propyplast ‘LMG CleanLoop®’ technology
31 Aug 2023

Following the standardised testing procedures of the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols[1], the Propyplast In-Mould Label technology was approved as fully compatible with the rigid PP recycling stream in Europe.

‘LMG CleanLoop®’ is an innovative PP-cast multilayer film for In Mould-Label (IML) applied on a PP container. The novel aspect of this technology is the ability to separate the printed layer from the rest of the label during the grinding step and afterwards via air elutriation – this allows for the recycling of unprinted flakes. The tested IML was applied on a white PP tub, representing 5.5 % of the total weight of the packaging.

Following the independent testing by CRITT Polymères, in accordance with RecyClass Protocols, the technology was found to pose no negative impact on the current European PP containers recycling infrastructure, given that certain conditions are fulfilled[2]. These include the specification that the thickness of the label is 70 µm or less, and that the printed label must not hinder the recognition of the underlaying PP natural or white container according to RecyClass Design-for-Recycling Guidelines.

Furthermore, injection moulding tests were carried out with the recovered packaging material, and it was determined that the plastic generated by the recycling process can be used back in closed-loop applications with up to 100 % of this material.

The importance of Propyplast’s and other similar technologies lies in their ability to preserve the value of natural and white packaging. By having decoration that can be separated via pre-treatment steps in accordance with state-of-the-art processes used by European recyclers, the pellets will not be contaminated by the inks and can therefore be used to produce new natural or white containers.


[1] RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocols

[2] Full conditions of the approval are listed in the Recyclability Approval Letter: Propyplast ‘LMG CleanLoop®


RecyClass Recyclability Approvals

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About Propyplast

PROPYPLAST is a French company specialising in the extrusion of mono-material Polypropylene CAST films intended for IML applications and sold under the registered trademark LMG® worldwide.

For more than 20 years, PROPYPLAST has been developing progressively more technical IML films, for example, giving a functionality to the IML: barrier to oxygen, UV, light and water vapour.  These films, while being recyclable, make it possible to meet the expectations of today’s consumers, namely the preservation of human health and the reduction of food waste with the extension of the shelf life, allowing at the same time to reduce or even eliminate additives in the food.

New challenges are now important for humanity, namely the preservation of natural resources through, among other things, the development of a circular economy.  PROPYPLAST is therefore pleased to present its new mono-material Polypropylene IML film, LMG CleanLoop®.  This film, approved by RecyClass, is compatible with the Polypropylene recycling stream and allows the reuse of recycled materials in the same applications without any loss of value.