RecyClass Publishes the Design Book to Support the Plastic Industry in Designing Recyclable Packaging
21 Jun 2022

RecyClass Design Book is a practical guide clarifying the concepts of recyclability and design for recycling which are based on a science-driven approach. This document elaborates the concept of RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines, and can be used by all [...]

Design Book provides a step-by-step explanation and guidance on how to design rigid and flexible plastic packaging to make it compatible with recycling, ultimately making it circular. It defines general principles and explains how the RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines are to be interpreted.

Beyond providing insights into how the Design for Recycling Guidelines work, the document looks as well into the functioning of sorting and recycling processes, and how they determine packaging recyclability.

‘Design for Recycling is a crucial, first step in ensuring that a product will be recyclable at the end of its use phase,’ said Paolo Glerean, RecyClass Chairman. ‘It offers insights into how plastic packaging should be designed and how different components of packaging influence its compatibility with recycling. This approach leads to improved quality of recycled plastic, and thereby stimulates its uptake in new packaging applications.’

RecyClass Design Book is a result of a collaboration of the entire plastic value chain represented mainly by RecyClass Members and its Supporters, aiming to provide scientifically verified and fact-based guidance with the overall objective of fostering a positive environment for innovation that opens the door for a circular plastic future.

Companies eager to lead the move towards circularity can now look to RecyClass for a comprehensive tool-box to understand, assess and certify plastic packaging recyclability & to effectively transition from a linear to a circular plastic economy.


[1] RecyClass Design Book 


About RecyClass

RecyClass is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability and to establish a harmonized approach towards recycled content calculation and its traceability in Europe. Activities within RecyClass include the development of Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and scientific testing methods for innovative materials which serve as the base for the Design for Recycling Guidelines and the Recycling Online Tool. RecyClass offers Recyclability Certifications for plastic packaging and Recycled Content Traceability Certification for plastic products.