Fedrigoni PE self-adhesive material tested and approved by RecyClass
27 Sep 2022

Results of independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the non-removable label technology ‘FLM 1339 – PE TC8 GLOSS WHITE 85 / AP901 / WG62’ developed by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives is compatible with the rigid HDPE recycling stream.

This white PE self-adhesive material is composed of PE facestock and a water-based acrylic adhesive. It was tested unprinted on a HDPE bottle, without cap, representing roughly 0.2% of the total weight of the tested bottle.

The Institut für Kunststofftechnologie und -recycling (IKTR) carried out the recyclability tests according to the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE containers[1]. Those tests show that ‘FLM 1339 – PE TC8 GLOSS WHITE 85 / AP901 / WG62’ poses no disruptive impacts to the rigid, coloured HDPE recycling stream when the set conditions[2] are fulfilled.

Recycled plastics generated from the recycling of ‘FLM 1339 – PE TC8 GLOSS WHITE 85 / AP901 / WG62’ can be used in high-value applications such as HDPE bottles with up to 50% concentration[3].

The choice of adhesives and labels will impact the circularity of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) packaging. It is, therefore, essential to evaluate the recyclability of these components and related novel technologies, to ensure both the functionality of packaging is maintained and the recycling processes undisrupted.


[1] RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE containers

[2] The full list of conditions is available in the Ritrama Fedrigoni Approval Letter

[3] RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE containers


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About Fedrigoni 
Founded in 1888, Fedrigoni today signifies excellence in the world of self-adhesive labels and materials and high value-added papers for luxury packaging and other creative solutions. The company currently has more than 4,500 employees in 27 countries and 48 facilities, including production plants, cutting centers and distribution. The Group sells and distributes 25,000 products in 132 countries and, thanks in part to recent acquisitions, has gained the position of the leading global player in wine labels and specialty papers for luxury packaging and the third largest player in premium self-adhesive materials. The Paper division includes the Cordenons Group and the historic Fabriano brand, and the Self-Adhesives division includes Arconvert, Manter, Ritrama (from February 2020), IP Venus (from December 2020), Acucote and Rimark (from June 2021), Divipa (February 2022) and Tageos (April 2022). The U.S. distributor GPA is also part of the Group.