Recyclability: the driver of making plastic packaging circular
RecyClass publishes Annual Report 2020 [1]26 Jan 2021

The core objective of RecyClass is to drive plastic packaging circularity by advancing design for recycling and working towards a common approach to be endorsed at the EU level. With RecyClass membership doubling in 2020, the industry’s interest in making packaging fully recyclable is the top priority.  

RecyClass is steered by the representatives of the wide network of plastic value chain actors including raw material producers, converters, brand owners and recyclers.   

‘The initial idea of RecyClass was to create a community where the entire plastic packaging value-chain can work jointly on scientifically defining and assessing plastic packaging recyclability, creating at the same time a common, fact-based language to do so,’ said Paolo Glerean, Chairman of RecyClass. 

With 47 members, seven partnership agreements with organizations from the plastic value chain, and around 40 evaluations of new packaging technologies carried out in 2020, which were done according to the scientific RecyClass testing protocols, RecyClass came closer to finding a common ground in defining design for recycling for the EU market - one of the flagship initiatives of the organization. 

This will remain one of the strategic goals for the current year: ‘We now need to drive EU-wide acceptance to create a level playing field for all:  harmonization on a range of important topics (design for recycling guidelines, collection, consumer participation, sorting and end-market uptake via specifications on secondary materials) is truly required to increase recycling rates,’ said Gian De Belder, Advisory Board Chairman of RecyClass. 

Among the technical highlights this year, the initiative published RecyClass Recyclability Methodology which provides a comprehensive assessment of evaluation procedures. Additionally, based on this document RecyClass implemented Recyclability Certifications verifiable via accredited and independent Certification Bodies. Lastly, RecyClass published the Recycled Content Traceability Audit Scheme, to evaluate and calculate the recycled content used in plastics. 

Recyclability remains one of the key aspects to effectively manage plastic waste and to ensure that these highly valuable materials are kept in the economy. RecyClass is committed to continuing the transformation of the approach towards design of plastic products in Europe. 

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[1] RecyClass publishes Annual Report 2020   


About RecyClass

RecyClass is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability and to establish a harmonized approach towards recycled content calculation and traceability in Europe. Activities within RecyClass include the development of Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and scientific testing of innovative materials which serve as the base for the Design for Recycling guidelines and the free online tool. RecyClass offers Recyclability Certifications and Recycled Content Traceability Certification for plastic packaging.