About the Platform

The launch of the RecyClass Platform was driven by the brands’ interest in tailor-made designs for their packaging products. This initiative aims at filling an existing gap between different industry actors and works towards bringing the knowledge of recyclers right down to the packaging producers.

The RecyClass Platform gathers members across the whole plastics value chain with recyclability in the core of their strategy to work on the development of Protocols, as well the advancement of design for recycling and circular economy for plastic packaging.

The Platform members are offered guidance and advice on recyclability and the compatibility of a given package with recycling. Furthermore, product certification is included along with the recycling policy report, training programmes, company exposure and participation to the RecyClass Advisory Board. Technology assessments using the Recycling Evaluation Protocols can be arranged upon the approval of the RecyClass Technical Committee and are carried out by independent laboratory.

More information about the Platform and the services offered can be found in the RecyClass Platform Brochure.