Platform Structure

The RecyClass Platform counts with a Steering Board, Advisory Board and Technical Committees for HDPE ; PP ; PO films ; PET and PS. Plastics Recyclers Europe offers staff support for the coordination of activities and technical expertise.

The Steering Board is composed by 7 members representing the plastic value chain, including recyclers and three representatives from the Advisory Board. The Board is established mainly to define the priorities of RecyClass and steer the work that takes place in the different Technical Committees.

The Advisory Board is composed by the Platinum members of the RecyClass Platform. The main goal of the group consists on discussing and monitoring the evaluation of recyclability while proposing measures to follow developments on the plastics sector.

RecyClass counts with Technical Committees in HDPE ; PP ; PO films ; PET and PS. Each of these Committees is composed by at least 5 participants (recyclers and AB representatives), elected by the Platform members for a period of time of 2 years. All the other Platform Platinum members can attend the TC meetings as guests. The main activities of the Technical Committees include the design and review of the Recyclability Evaluation Protocols, Assessment of innovative Technologies and Products, and update of the Design for Recycling guidelines.

TC Chairman - Herbert Snell, Multiport GmbH
TC Vice - Chairman - David Eslava, Eslava Plàsticos
TC Member - Michael Heyde, ALPLA
AB Representative - Nico van de Walle, Multi-Color Corporation
AB Representative - Markus von Beyer, Leonhard Kurz

TC Chairman - Andreas Witschnigg, Kruschitz Plastics
TC Vice - Chairman - Gerrit Klein Nagelvoort, Veolia
TC Member - Christina Schulz, DSD
AB Representative - Nico van de Walle, Multi-Color Corporation
AB Representative - Konrad Wasserbauer, Greiner Packaging

TC Chairman - Ton Emans, CeDo
TC Vice - Chairman - Lukas Intemann, LRI Consulting
TC Member - Jagan Mohanraj, RPC - BPI
AB Representative - Achim Grefenstein, Constantia Flexibles
AB Representative - Karlheinz Hausmann, Dow

TC Chairman - Casper van den Dungen, Polyrecycling AG
TC Vice - Chairman - Herbert Snell, Multiport GmbH
TC Member - Simon Stedelmann, ALPLA
AB Representative - Marie-Catherine Coquin, Danone
AB Representative - Richard Gilliat, Multi-Color Corporation

TC Chairman -
TC Vice - Chairman -
TC Member -
AB Representative -
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