Recycled Content Audit Scheme

RecyClass developed a Certification Audit Scheme to evaluate and calculate the recycled content used in plastics. To answer the need of transparency and clarity for the whole plastic value chain, the Audit Scheme was created by the RecyClass members and experts, and in alignment with European standards. The resulting Audit Scheme for Recycled Content Traceability is based on two main principles, in accordance with the definitions of ISO 22095:

  • Traceability: ability to trace the history, application, location or source(s) of a material or product throughout the supply chain.
  • Chain of custody: a process via which inputs, and outputs, and associated information are transferred, monitored, and controlled as they move throughout each step within the relevant supply chain.

By integrating these concepts, the Audit Scheme can assess the traceability of recycled plastic material throughout all the steps of the value chain, while verifying the origin of the pre- and post-consumer material in product claims. The Scheme is based on the international standard on the chain of custody (ISO 22095), as well as the European standard on recycled plastics traceability (EN 15343:2007).

Moreover, the Audit Scheme was designed for the companies of the whole plastic value chain who are using recycled material and are interested in demonstrating the reliability of their sustainability claims by boosting transparency among consumers and the plastic industry players. The diagram below illustrates which certification is the most suitable depending on the position in the plastic value chain.

With the RecyClass Audit Scheme on Recycled Content Traceability companies can:

  • Reassure consumers and provide trust to end-users, increasing public interest in recycled content.
  • Demonstrate value chain compliance with stakeholders and consumers. Increasing regulation; address use of claims by a third-party verification.
  • Support corporate sustainability claims about recycled content.
  • Show transparency by providing information about the waste origin and source.

Detailed information about the Audit Scheme developed by RecyClass can be found in the document below.