Recyclability Product Certification

RecyClass can be used as a marketing tool, to certify plastic packaging recyclability in accordance with the recyclability methodology developed by RecyClass.

As awareness is rising, consumers are more likely to opt for sustainable products, including plastic packaging. However, clear messages and labelling are needed for consumers to make educated decisions, and RecyClass certification can provide just that.

RecyClass certification is operated through accredited and independent Certification Bodies who audits the RecyClass tool analysis results.

Plastic packaging recyclability can be certified following the:

    • Design for Recycling Assessment, based on RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines and its associated self-assessment tool, which allows to classify the technical recyclability of a plastic packaging on the EU market. All the Certification Bodies listed below are accredited for this assessment.
    • Recyclability Rate Assessment, based on the RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines and associated with a formula reported in the recyclability methodology, which allows to rate the effective recyclability of a plastic packaging in the specific geographical area for which the assessment is conducted. Please, check below which Certification Body is available in the geographical are of interest for your business.

For further information please refer to the recyclability methodology, to our FAQ section or contact us.


Please find below the accredited Certification Bodies allowed by RecyClass to assess plastic packaging:

The choice of the Certification Body should be made according to the country of interest where the certification will apply. In case of a cross-country certifications, the Certification Body must be accredided to operate in all the countries of interest.