RecyClass online tool

The free online tool, that tests the recyclability of a plastic packaging and shows to which extent it is suitable for recycling, rating it with a class system from A to F.

In addition, the tool provides specific indications and recommendations on how to improve packaging design to make it compatible with current recycling technologies.

The analysis examines a packaging and its components through a series of questions, after which the system will provide the user with a report and a classification for the analysed package. Class A represents the best recyclability of a package, while class B, C, D and E represent increasingly lower recyclability. Finally, class F represents packages that are not recyclable and may be only incinerated. "+" class bonus is obtained for the use of post-consumer recycled material.

The classes are defined as follows:

  • CLASS A: The package does not pose any recyclability issues and it can potentially feed a closed-loop scheme to be used in the same application.
  • CLASS B: The package has some minor recyclability issues and could even potentially feed a closed loop scheme.
  • CLASS C: The package has some recyclability issues that affect the quality of its final recyclate.
  • CLASS D: The package has some significant design issues that highly affect its recyclability.
  • CLASS E: The package has major design issues that put in jeopardy its recyclability.
  • CLASS F: The package is not recyclable either because of fundamental design issues or a lack of specific waste stream widely present in the EU. If your package obtains this class in one of the question areas, then the analysis is completed.

RecyClass Tool is based on the Design for Recycling Guidelines developed by The European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and RecyClass. The tool is continuously reviewed and maintained by recycling experts.