RecyClass Platform Launched
Assess, improve and endorse the recyclability of your packaging31 May 2018

In January 2018, the European Commission released European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy where it urged the plastics industry and its value chain to encourage and ensure a shift in production of plastic packaging. The plastics industry’s business as usual is at crossroads, as recyclability is becoming a priority aspect in packaging design. This has triggered several brands to announce pledges to work towards increased recyclability of packaging.

In light of increased interest and demand for design for recycling guidance, Plastics Recyclers Europe decided to launch the RecyClass Platform, a key initiative aiming to provide specialized and dedicated guidance to those companies interested in increasing the recyclability of their plastics packaging.

Paolo Glerean, Chair of the RecyClass said:

RecyClass Platform is the right tool to help companies build brands credibility with the support of the plastics recycling industry.

He added:

The Platform will assist companies to achieve that goal.

The RecyClass Platform features:

  • Costumer service support via email to all users’ questions regarding recyclability of your packaging.
  • Official RecyClass Certification and label of packaging products.
  • Analysis and assessment of your recycling policy.
  • Design of a customized training course on site.
  • Seat at the Advisory Board of RecyClass.
  • Display of your company logo in a dedicated section of the RecyClass website.

The launch of the RecyClass Platform was driven by the brands’ increased commitment to recyclability. This initiative aims to close an existing gap between different industry actors and works towards bringing together the knowledge of recyclers and packaging producers.