Laminated tube PBL technologies by Huhtamaki approved by RecyClass

The findings of an independent laboratory testing of ‘PBL 240-3-7’[1] and ‘PBL 300/2-7 F’[2] laminated tubes technologies developed by Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Europe and its partner ZALESI, show that they are, respectively, fully compatible, and compatible with recycling in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers stream. The analysis was carried out by the Institut für Kunststofftechnologie und -recycling (IKTR), as per the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE containers.

Both of the technologies are polyethylene laminated tubes provided with HDPE shoulders and presenting light direct printing. ‘PBL 240-3-7’ excludes the cap and includes the EVOH barrier concentration below 4% of the total weight of the packaging, compatibilized with PE tie layers. Whereas ‘PBL 300/2-7 F’ technology, includes an HDPE cap and the EVOH barrier concentration is below 3% of the total weight of the packaging.

According to the laboratory results ‘PBL 240-3-7’ and ‘PBL 300/2-7 F’ technologies conform to the current European HDPE recycling stream provided they are designed under specific conditions. These include, among others[3], a requirement that any other component like valves, liners, seals, etc., must be made of PE and that the final artwork applied on the tubes is compatible with recycling. Moreover, the tube ‘PBL 240-3-7’ must be equipped with a polyethylene cap.

The laboratory testing shows that the recycled plastic generated after the recycling process can be used in high-value applications such as HDPE bottles with up to 25% concentration.

The results obtained from the testing contribute towards accelerating circularity of HDPE containers in Europe.


[1] Download the Approval Letter here: Technology Approval ‘PBL 240’

[2] Download the Approval Letter here: Technology Approval ‘PBL 300’

[3] More information can be found in the cited technology letters.


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