The laminating adhesive ‘Bostik SF10M’ by Bostik can be recycled in a polyethylene (PE) film recycling stream, according to an analysis done by an independent laboratory. This innovative technology made of a solvent-free aromatic polyurethane-based adhesive is used to produce multilayer LDPE films. Following the analysis carried out by Proplast and as per the RecyClass
The findings of an independent laboratory testing of ‘M-ResinsTM’ technology show that it is suitable for recycling in a polyethylene (PE) film stream. The analysis was carried out by Proplast, as per the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PE films. The technology is a multilayer resealable film lidding which is generally used in combination with
Pharmaceutical grade ‘Polyfoil® Mono-Material-Barrier (MMB) Tube PF542/642’ and ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF525/623’ by Neopac are fully compatible with the current European HDPE recycling stream, according to the independent testing carried out by IKTR lab, as per the RecyClass HDPE Recyclability Evaluation Protocol. Firstly, the HDPE laminated barrier tube ‘Polyfoil® MMB Tube PF542/642’ incorporating final printing