Recyclability increased with polyethylene closure system Procter & Gamble’s ‘Single Unit Dose laundry pouch pack’ is compatible with the European flexible polyethylene (PE) stream recycling, an independent laboratory confirmed. The recycled material can be now used back in high-end, or even closed-loop applications. With the initial testing of a laminated multilayer pouch containing a polypropylene
RecyClass carried out tests verifying compatibility of common polyethlene (PE) film components with the recycling process. These include polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), each tested at 10% concentration level of the total weight of the film. The results of the testing were used to update the RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines
New Guidance Published by RecyClass RecyClass Recyclability & Recycled Content Use of Claims Guidance[1] sets do’s and don’ts for how to communicate transparently on the circularity of plastic products. Companies that obtained RecyClass Certification, Technology and/or Product Approval[2] can communicate that their product is recyclable, designed to be recycled or that it contains a specific
Company extends its range of recyclable tube technologies with the Platina Pro series Following RecyClass approval of two Platina tubes last year, an independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the EPL’s ‘Platina 220 PRO’ and ‘Platina 250 PRO’ tubes can be equally recycled in the high-density polyethylene containers (HDPE) recycling stream. The EPL’s technology in question