RecyClass Unwrapped: Boosting the transparent uptake of recycled plastic

Increasing legislative requirements and industry commitments have set the pace for increasing uptake of recycled plastic in new products. Further boosting the trust in the quality of these products relies heavily on transparent verification methods and reliable product claims. 

Join this session to learn more about legislative & market developments, as well as on how RecyClass Certifications can help the transparent uptake of recycled plastic.


15.00-15.05h     Welcome & Introduction

15.05-15.15h     Chaim Waibel, Public Affairs Manager, Plastics Recyclers Europe

15.15-15.30h     Mireia Boada, Project Manager, Plastics Recyclers Europe

15.30-15.45h     Samuel Pardo, Senior Innovation Manager, Food Packaging, Klöckner Pentaplast

15.45-16.00h     Questions & Answers

Moderated by Alexander Reitz, PreZero