Essel’s Platina 250 and 300 tubes approved by RecyClass

Platina tubes can be recycled in a high-density polyethylene containers (HDPE) recycling stream, according to an analysis done by an independent laboratory. These innovative technologies are made of a multi-layer laminate tube with EVOH barrier concentration below 5% of the total weight of the package.

Following the analysis that was carried out as per the APR HDPE Critical and Application Guidance testing Protocols[1] and executed by Plastics Forming Enterprise, RecyClass approved the tubes technologies as fully compatible with recycling.

The laboratory analysis shows that the recyclates produced after the recycling process of this material may be used in high quality applications such as HDPE bottles, provided that the cap of the tubes is made of PE.

RecyClass certifies that Platina 2515 and Platina 3015 tubes are fully compatible with the current European HDPE containers recycling process provided that this type of tubes is designed under specific conditions. These include, among others[2], the requirement on the composition of the body of the package which must be white and must be made of PE. The use of EVOH as a functional barrier, on the other hand, must be limited to 5% of the total weight of the tube.

The Platina Tube FAMILY Technologies equally received a recognition on its recyclability from The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) in the US.

The results of this analysis are contributing towards increasing the recyclability of personal care, food and pharma packaging having a positive impact on advancing the recycling rates in this stream.


Download the Press Release – 2020-06-30 Press Release – Essel tubes Platina approved


[1] APR HDPE Critical and Application Guidance testing Protocols available at

[2] Approval conditions may be found in the Technology Approval Letter available at


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RecyClass is a comprehensive cross industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability within Europe. RecyClass assesses recyclability and provides specific recommendations on how to improve packaging design to fit current recycling technologies. Activities within RecyClass include the development of Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and testing of innovation materials. Findings are used to update the RecyClass Design for Recycling guidelines and the online free tool.