An independent laboratory, which was tasked with testing the new toothpaste technology PARKES packaging developed by Unilever, attested that it is fully compatible with the recycling stream of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers.  The results from the German Institut für Kunststofftechnologie und -recycling (IKTR) which carried out the tests and followed  the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol
Results of an independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the HDPE thin wall tube with an HDPE flip-top cap by Albéa is fully compatible with the rigid HDPE recycling stream. The tube, which is used mostly as packaging for cosmetics, is made from a 100% mono-material structure with white masterbatch that incorporates a thin white barrier
RecyClass publishes new Quick Test Washing Procedures for film and paper labels applied on HDPE & PP containers The procedures[1] were developed to determine whether on-pack adhesive and label combinations are fully compatible with the post-consumer HDPE or PP recycling stream. They are destined for the label and adhesive industry as well as the recognized