Platina tubes can be recycled in a high-density polyethylene containers (HDPE) recycling stream, according to an analysis done by an independent laboratory. These innovative technologies are made of a multi-layer laminate tube with EVOH barrier concentration below 5% of the total weight of the package. Following the analysis that was carried out as per the
RecyClass’ Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP (polypropylene) is a guidance for carrying out laboratory analysis of the various design features of rigid packaging made from PP resin. Its ultimate objective is to establish the level of compatibility of a given product with the PP recycling stream.  ‘Recycling of PP containers remains unexploited, advancing its recyclability adds
RecyClass Recyclability Methodology document provides comprehensive information on the assessment methods used to assess and certify recyclability of a plastic package. By certifying packaging compatibility with a recycling process, the methodology is geared towards setting a level playing field for design for recycling claims of the value chain actors. RecyClass specifies two Recyclability Assessments which