New Certification Bodies join the Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification  The certification is geared at determining the actual shares of recycled content in plastic. To allow for the maximum transparency the Certifications are issued by independent third-party auditors who ensure reliable assessments and impartiality. Since its official launch in July last year the number of recognized auditors has more than doubled, representing today twenty-five auditors from twenty-one certification bodies from across Europe.  “This interest is a clear signal”,
The findings of an independent laboratory testing of ‘PERFORMANCE PA SC15’ technology show that has limited compatibility with polyethylene (PE) flexibles recycling stream. The analysis was carried out according to the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PE films and performed by the AIMPLAS technology centre. It is crucial to specify that this approval, is limited
PRESS DECLARATION In a reference to the report[1], published on February 18, 2021, by Impact Solutions – a laboratory commissioned by Polymateria to carry out a recyclability test of a polyethylene film with biodegradable additive technology called PLM-G, RecyClass would like to make the following declaration: As the laboratory testing was done according to the