Accredited Laboratories

To assess the recyclability, technologies and products must be tested following the Recyclability Evaluation Protocols of RecyClass. The testing is performed by independent laboratories, that are accredited by RecyClass to perform the protocols for specific types of packaging (HDPE rigids, PP rigids, PE flexibles). The laboratories take charge of the samples to be tested and finally provide a complete and comprehensible report of the results to the applicant and RecyClass. Additional protocols are currently under development.

Please find below the list of the accredited laboratories, classified by type of packaging. If you would like to get in touch with the laboratories, please contact us.

List of Accredited Laboratories

Regarding PET bottles testing and technology approvals, EPBP accredited one laboratory in Europe and one in US, to perform the EPBP Recyclability Protocol. If you would like to test PET bottles and get in contact with the laboratory, please visit EPBP website. Additionally, EPBP publishes as well all approvals regarding the tested PET innovations.